Adler Hall
representing and serving a space for designers
mentorship from Michael Mikulec

Identity, Print

SCAD’s graphic design students convene for their classes on the basement floor of SCAD’s Adler Hall, a small repurposed home appliances and furniture outlet in the corner of downtown Savannah. While the studio walls were often lined with student work, the halls of the basement itself felt dim, quiet, and dull. There was no central message or story being told, and I set out to change that.

What started as a quiet part-time job in the graphic design office spent printing posters and desgning department announcements soon became a full brand rehaul for the very place I came every weekday for class. The Adler identity was centered around creating a bright, lively, and youthful environment to surround the designers that inhabit the building. When designing, we wanted this project to feel like cupcakes and ice cream. a new form of positivity. a place for creatives to be excited about creating.