Austin Ellwein
visual identity, portfolio site, and book for a contemporary fine artist

Art direction, Identity, Web, Photo, Print

The only way I know to describe Austin is as my muse – we began collaborating during college and his ever-evolving body of work has served as a wonderful playground for me to explore and express in ways I don’t usually get the chance to. Using techniques such as felting, weaving, embroidery, and screen printing, his works are grounded in mysticism, exploring folk exteriors and infusing them with personal incantations. Each piece tells a haunting story, and my work for him is centered around setting a stage for them that deepens and amplifies the complex messages within, using one-of-a-kind typography, a dreamy sky motif, technicolor titles, and surrealist photography. 
This project utilizes a maximalist approach, nodding to Ellwein’s artistic style and the recurring folk themes in his body of work. The purpose of design in this context is not to unify or connect his already distinctive work, but rather to emphasize the myriad of beautiful details that makes each piece its own. This is an ongoing, ever-changing, living and breathing project.

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“Sitting with scathing collusions, I can only think about how I’ve been mistreated by my male counterparts. Time and time again – how I’ve been hurt and how I veiled it with a pink wash of love. How in the gay community, I am commodified, and yet I have nobody to belong to. I wish I could just envelope all of my anger and send it to the people who really need to hear it. And much to my chagrin, my anger is a corridor to my tired grief – and it’s something near oppressive. As I take historical fragments and line them with my vigorous embroidery, needles punching through flimsy linen and roving, I conjure up a quiet collection. Meditative statements and superficial paradises that I wish were there for everyone to look at. Tactile wishes and violent dreamscapes for all to touch. I want them all to see but I need one to hold me without killing me; Because on top of being gay, I am scared.”