a fresher, more inclusive look at Yale’s hub for student wellness programming
mentorship by Thomas Hull


Once hosting a poorly branded and marketed wellness center lacking in accessibility and campus-wide recognition, Yale University had a huge opportunity in its hands. The rebrand of what was previously known as The Good Life Center at Yale focused on building a strengthened visual identity with a true purpose: reach every student that can be reached. Implemented in practical wayfinding, campus-wide artwork, and various digital channels, the refreshed brand integrates Goodlife into the campus in an exciting, seamless manner, drawing in students and encouraging them to prioritize their wellness.

The mission: increase the visibility of Yale’s student wellness support to reach all students and cultivate a better Yale.

* created at SCAD
* Illustrations and murals by Aby Heemskerk, logo design and wayfinding by Boris Schneersohn, brand style guide development/social media and web design by Chloe Farlow, installation design by Eleanor Malecki, app design by Sarah Diaz