Human Error: A Type Journal
How much more beautiful is everything made by hand? To distress type on Photoshop or add a paper texture will never give it the same life that making it physically will. I’ve been keeping a (mostly) daily practice of putting type to paper to help me understand the way letterforms work more deeply. I’ve grown to find it weirdly satisfying to watch something meticulously kerned and perfectly compressed turn imperfect in my hands... No matter how much I use the grid I never get it perfect, but I’d argue that my human error is to thank for the liveliness of these spreads.
“Machine vs. Human” is a debate I choose not to participate in. Human error – the shakiness of our hands, the imperfect sighting and slightly-off curving of lines, the inability to draw a perfectly straight line – is an irreplicable feature of man-made art that will maintain its value long past the development of even the most advanced robot. This sketchbook is a masterclass in the beauty of a human mistake.