Wade Herring for Congress 
reimagining political design for a different kind of candidate


Wade Herring, the 2022 Democratic Congressional nominee for Georgia’s 1st District, was a unique contender for the position. Boasting over 3 million likes on TikTok and a large following of young voters, Wade reinvigorated the people of Georgia’s 1st District in an unprecedented way and demonstrated the power of running a contemporary campaign. I was called in to bring a youthful, design-minded perspective that had previously been missing from the campaign & collateral.

This work draws inspiration from vintage political design and puts a personal twist on traditional, predictable campaign design. Published on various social media channels, billboards spanning the district, and in numbers of local newspapers, this work reached an immense variety of people, communicating with lifelong Democrats, first-time voters, and young people across the country.

* Logo design provided by the Wade Herring for Congress campaign.